Friday, April 20, 2007


Yesterday while watching the news I was getting very angry about the killings in Virgina.You know we all go thorough things.Life don't always turn out how you want it. Some people going to like you and some not.When I was in school I was talk about every day about how skinny I was. Somebody had to say something
about it EVERYDAY. Some days I would come home crying about it.And this happen to me all the way up to high school.I never felt like going in killing people about it.All this school killings and job killings is to much.People who don't have anything to do with this people or even know them are getting killed. Its just crazy.

While what do you do when you are a little down go shopping. went to Walmart and found this cute make-up bag for 2.00$. I thought this would be a cute purse for my DD.On the purse it says angel SOOO cute.So I said self if DD gets a purse why can't I. went to TJ MAXX and found a purse for me also.Then went to JO Ann Fabric pattern sale and got a pattern for my DD. Now I am feeling a lot better.

Have a great weekend!!!


Maria said...

Very cute finds ! :)

Leah said...

I love the little Angel purse!

Susie Q said...

Love your finds! Very sweet!!

I know...the whole thing in VA is so awful...just like Colombine. People have always said and done cruel things to one another....they always will sadly.
He was just so mentally ill and snapped I guess and the sad thing is that no one in his family had him commited to a hospital as the Univ. wanted.
It is just so sad that guns are so readily available, even for someone who had been treated for a mental disorder. So sad for all...

Now, happier all the creatice things you are making! Talented lady!

Have a sweet weekend!


Kim said...

I agree about the sad and pointless!

I like what you bought! Shopping is fun! I did a little yesterday, too!


annb said...

Gold, thanks for visiting my site and I would love for you to come visit anytime! I will be back to visit you as well!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Shopping will do it EVERY time!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree about the shootings. Just a horrible thing.

Love the purses! They are both so cute!!!

jorth said...

I stood out in my backyard in Australia on that cold autumn night and prayed so hard for all those poor, wonderful people. I always thought that what didn't destroy us only made us stronger, but I guess for some it doesn't work that way. Geeez. So awful. And so pointless.

Pirouette1196 said...

You're right, Gold. some folks are just crazy nowadays and don't know how cope well in adversity.

On another note, shopping therapy can be very good for the soul! LOL!