Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And 6months later......

I can't believe it has been 6 months since I last posted!!SmileyCentral.comWell here's what happen uh uh well first of all my computer was down for two of those months, yeah that's it my computer was down!!HaHa Yes my computer was getting fixed for about two months.I was going crazy ,after the first month then it got a little easier the second month. I had already went through my withdraw stage!!LOL Well I did go through some down time worrying about my sister who is dealing with breast cancer.With all that she is going through she is a very strong lady and I know she is going to be alright.Tell me why when you are down you start to notice all the commercials that are selling those drugs for depression?I start noticing all those commercials and had to laugh at myself and say girl get up before they might have to put you on that stuff!!HAHA Well I am doing much better and ready to join blog land again.Thank you to those who e-mail me to see how I was doing!
Well in the month Septemberer I did do some sewing.

Pattern: Simplicity 7205

This pattern is out of print and it is not even online anymore it so old.

Misses/Miss petite dresses in two lengths.

Fabric: I think it was a satin crepe.

Color: gold

Conclusion: On this dress I used the bottom of another view instead the bottom it had on the pattern. Not paying close attention to what I was doing. When I changed bottoms on the dress it call for the zipper to be on the side of the dress and this is was I did and I cut it out.Started on making the dress forgot I had to put boning on the side of the dress. I should had cut out the dress out for the zipper to be on the back. I had so much trouble getting that boning in with the zipper being on the side!!:( On the bottom of the dress I did pin tucks I think I did them a 1" or more apart. With some of the trouble I had with this dress I would make it again.I also made a jacket to go with this dress.

Pattern: Simplicity 4045 Misses/miss skirt in two lengths,bias dress or top and unlined coat or jacket.I made coat E.
Fabric: Brocade
Conclusion: This was a very easy coat to make.I did shorted it show the pin tucks I did in the dress.
Well thats it for me good to be back and happy crafting!!