Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me and my sewing

My pattern and fabric stash! There's more behind that!LOL

Like most sewers I have a fabric stash and a pattern stash.After reading Ms.Adrienne blog asking questions about sewing. I started to think maybe my fabric stash is not to much or my pattern stash.Last summer I put myself on a pattern diet and this summer I am going to do it again.But I don't think I will ever ever ever go on a fabric diet that would be too much for me!LOL! When I buy fabric or patterns I always get it when it is on sale, because I am very cheap person!LOL!A lot of people say you could never have too much when it comes to your craft!LOL!

Walmart fabric finds!!All of it was a 1.50$ a yard!The fabric to the left is all knits isn't just beautiful!LOL!The fabric to the right it mystery fabric.All that from Walmart! I did tell you I was cheap!!LOL!

My dd in a dress from one of the knits I bought from Walmart.
Pattern: McCall's 5615

Pattern: Simplicity 3536I had enough fabric to squeeze out a top for me.This was a easy sew.It has elastic in the should of the top.I liked that about this top.

Well that's it for me! Happy crafting!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great weekend and some sewing!

What a weekend! Took the kids to a indoors water park. They were off for a week for spring break.

My two boys and my niece! It was hard getting them stop to take pictures because they were having so much fun!

Hubby and dd having a good time!

Me having a cold drink

I haven't blog in a month and I was award a sisterhood award!Yeah I am suppose to give it to 10 other people and everyone I know already have one.So I will not be giving any away. I would like to thank Ms. Jackie for the award!!

Now to sewing!

Patterns: Jacket and top Butterick 5941 Misses Jacket,top,skirt and pants.

Fabric: mystery fabric for a 1$ a yard at Walmart for the skirt and jacket.


Conclusion: Very easy pattern no trouble at all.This pattern is out of print.I didn't add any button to the jacket just left it without. The top was fast and easy. I bought that fabric for the top from Jo-Ann's clearance rack a 1$ a yard.

Pattern: out of print also.Misses skirt with variations.

Simplicity 4787
I love this skirt because of the pleats on the back.This was also an easy sew.It didn't call for a lining, but I added one because the fabric is light weight and you can kind of see through it.

Well that's it for me! Happy crafting!