Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scary Monday!!

Monday night was a scary night.My dd was so excited that her Grandmother was coming by to visit.My dd and mother were talking in the kitchen.Well talking my dd was reaching for a glass to drink her juice.The glass dropped on her foot she started crying!I looked down at her foot there was blood everywhere!So we cleaned her foot up to see how bad was the cut, it was pretty bad.So we decided to take her to the after hours clinic.Went to the clinic it was closed.Went to another one it was closed.WHY IS A AFTER HOURS CLINIC CLOSED AT 8:00pm!!Then my dd said it doesn't hurt anymore.So went the drug store bought some gauze's and ointment .We went home and I acted like I was her nurse and wrapped her up.Today she is back in school jumping around.

Started another crocheting project while watching dancing with the stars last night.I am making a cardigan for my dd.I am using some yarn I had in my stash that I bought on clearance for .97 cents each at JoAnn Fabric.It is Bernat satin yarn.The color I am using is Sunset and Aran.This is my first sweater so I thought I better start small first!I like when people give names for the projects.So I guess I will name mine Ms Sunset!!

Pattern in Crochet Today Magazine issue July/Aug.

Starting to get back in the sewing mood.I cut out Butterick 4996 view C yesterday.I am going to start on it today.I plan on getting as much done on it while my kids are in school!

Well that's it for me have a great day!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday was a sad day!!My son football team lost their game Friday!!So my son was down that day ,but he recover Saturday to go bowling with all his friends!!Well we will win the next game!!!

Well I was able to do some crocheting.
I made some fingerless gloves.

Yarn:Wood-Ease (worsted weight)
Color: Cocoa

These fingerless gloves were fun to make!!The pattern call for Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk yarn.I used what yarn I had to see if I could make these gloves.I will make these again with the yarn it calls for.I got the pattern for these gloves out of the book Cool Girls Guide to Crocheting.I bought this book from JoAnn's fabric for five dollars.Please pay no more for this book it is not very good!!

Well that's it for me have a great!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have been tagged again!!This time by Ms. lesalicious!!She is another crocheter who loves her craft!!I have to tell eight things about myself.Okay here I go!!

1. I love inviting family and friends over for dinner.After dinner starting a fire and have a good time talking and laughing.

2. I still don't know how to do a lot of things on my blog!!Like change my heading on my blog,add things on the side like for example crochet blog.I also would love to know how to add on side how far you have gotten on a knitting or crocheting project.I would love learning how to do that.I hope all that made sense.

3. Oh yes I love watching QVC when they show jewelry and purses!!I receive this in the mail this week love it!!I don't order things every week.I just watch it every week!!

4.I have four children ages 17 ,12, 10, 3.I don't know what me and my dh was thinking having them spread out like that!!I guess I will always have someone to file on my income tax!!!!HA HA

5. I love looking at blogs that have a lot of photos in them.I spend to much time blogging that sometimes sewing and crocheting don't get done!!And house work:(!!

6. I love to sew!But I haven't been in a sewing mood lately.I have been on the computer all the time looking for crocheting patterns.Now I am trying to learn more about yarn.

7. I love going to my son's high school football games!I help out in serving the pre-game dinner to the players every Friday.

8. I hope to one day crochet this shrug!!I don't know what color yet. I think just about everyone in blog land have been tagged so I will not tag anyone this time.Have a great day!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

YES YES!!last night was another win for my son's football team!!They have not lost a game yet!!Boy was it cold out yesterday night at his game!But that is a part of being a football parent!In the picture my son is the one standing over, about to tackle the other team.Our team is in the color blue and white.

Well I hadn't been in a sewing mood for a while lately.I have been looking at a lot of blogs that knits.They have been making some beautiful things.I would love to learn how to knit!I am a beginner crocheter.I think I should learn more about that before I move on to knitting.

I was able to make something for my dd for school.
Pants: Butterick 3955
Fabric:blue denim
Notions:3/4 wide elastic
Designs on pants:I cut out some hearts and used double sided webbing to put them on her pants.Then I zig zag around the hearts also.The silver stud were put on with my gem magic.Click image to see closer.

Top Simplicity 4517 view A.
Fabric:Lavender stretch knit
Notions:straight seam binding,one 3/8 button,one pkg. of 1/4 wide elastic.

Crocheted hats all done.These were some easy hats to make!Love them as you can see I made a lot of them.And yes we had them on at my son's game Friday night!!

The stocking hat pattern.

That's it for me, have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This has been a busy month.I have been doing volunteer work for my teenagers football team.They won their game last Thursday night Yeah!!Also the kids are back in school and so is my dd.She is in pre-k now and she loves it.When I left her in the classroom she didn't even look for me.She went straight to playing with the other kids.When I picked her up from school,she said she wants to go back the next day!!So I guess this means she liked it.So I have been doing the clean up the whole house thing while the kids are all in school.After the house is all clean then I can get to some real work SEWING AND CROCHETING!!!HA HA!!!

I haven't been in much of a sewing mood in about a month.I have been doing a lot of crocheting.I have crocheted a couple of stocking caps for some little girls for their birthdays.But since my dd have started school I am now in the mood for sewing again.So here are a couple of patterns I have bought to make for her.

Butterick 4844

McCall's 5455

McCall's 5456

I thought these were some cute patterns for a little girl!

OMG have you heard about Shaquille O'Neal and his wife are divorcing!!I thought they were the cutest couple.I hope they can work it out!!

Well that's it for me today hope everyone is having a great day!!