Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have been tagged again!!This time by Ms. lesalicious!!She is another crocheter who loves her craft!!I have to tell eight things about myself.Okay here I go!!

1. I love inviting family and friends over for dinner.After dinner starting a fire and have a good time talking and laughing.

2. I still don't know how to do a lot of things on my blog!!Like change my heading on my blog,add things on the side like for example crochet blog.I also would love to know how to add on side how far you have gotten on a knitting or crocheting project.I would love learning how to do that.I hope all that made sense.

3. Oh yes I love watching QVC when they show jewelry and purses!!I receive this in the mail this week love it!!I don't order things every week.I just watch it every week!!

4.I have four children ages 17 ,12, 10, 3.I don't know what me and my dh was thinking having them spread out like that!!I guess I will always have someone to file on my income tax!!!!HA HA

5. I love looking at blogs that have a lot of photos in them.I spend to much time blogging that sometimes sewing and crocheting don't get done!!And house work:(!!

6. I love to sew!But I haven't been in a sewing mood lately.I have been on the computer all the time looking for crocheting patterns.Now I am trying to learn more about yarn.

7. I love going to my son's high school football games!I help out in serving the pre-game dinner to the players every Friday.

8. I hope to one day crochet this shrug!!I don't know what color yet. I think just about everyone in blog land have been tagged so I will not tag anyone this time.Have a great day!!


Virtuous said...

I so need to read blogs less and craft more! LOL It is such a time eater!!!

Really like the scrapbook layout!!

And that shrug is SO cute! You gota do it for this fall!
What about a gold ;o) or mustard color?!?

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

The shrug is awesome! I wouldn't mind having one, myself. I miss watching QVC. There is something similar here in Italy, but not as good.

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a great list. I wish I could help you with your blog needs...but I'm kinda needy myself :-).

Did you do that LO of your son? Beautiful!!!

That ring is beautiful!

Have a great weekend.

Lesalicious said...

Got to know you a little bit better. You will get the hang of the blogging world. I mainly asked questions for those that blogs caught my eyes. :) Love the shrug can't wait unilt you try it. I know this winter I will be curled up in my warm house crocheting lots of projects. :) you will do it some day.

Sheila said...

Your scrapbook layout is awesome. As for adding items to your sidebar, you should be able to go to your dashbord and select layout and the format will open up and you can select what item you want to use, like pics, link or whatever. Insert your links by just going to the page that you want and copy the http address and then paste it into the layout cell. You can then preview and see if its what you want. I hope it works

Adriann said...

I'm really diggin the ring your are expecting! The LO of your son is fabulous! Great job!!

Enjoy your week!

Cheryl Wray said...

I so LOVE that scrapbook page!! One of my fave songs right now!!!