Monday, September 1, 2008

Simplicity 3640

Pattern: Simplicity 3640 Misses pants in two lengths,hooded sweatshirt and knit top.I made view A and F.

Fabric: I think it was a sport stretch velor it was 4.50$ a yard at JoAnn Fabric.For the hood lining I used flannel with the satin front that I had left from some PJ's I made my sister last year.

Color: lavender

Notions:pkg of 1/4 wide elastic,20" separating zipper.

Conclusion: I love making this it was very easy.I also used my GEmagic to add some silver I guess you call stones to my sweatsuit.I had a little trouble when I was adding the stones, because the fabric was stretch material it keep moving on me.So the stones are not perfectly straight.I really love this outfit and will be wearing it often.I will be making another one soon.

This is where I added the stones to the pocket.

I made a heart on the back pocket.

I hadn't been doing much crocheting lately.Yes that is sad because I am trying to finish up an afghan for my son in college by Christmas.Look how far I have gotten.

That is very sad!!:(

Well let me get my sad self off so I can get started on this afghan!!

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little sewing!

I had a great weekend!My dd and I finally was able to wear our matching dresses to church this Sunday!Looking at the picture you can tell she was not happy about taking a picture that day!

See and sew B5201/ Butterick 3477

Well I did do a little sewing about a month.

Pattern: Simplicity 2961 project runway
Fabric: silk type fabric
size: 8
conclusion: I don't think my shirt came out like it looks on the pattern.The yoke that goes around the collar bone, mine looks a lot smaller than the picture.I did have some troubles getting the yoke and sleeve on.I took it a part about 3 times.Then I just had to go with what I had , because that silk was getting to many little holes in it with me ripping it a part so much.I am going to try making this top again in a cotton fabric to see if I could get it right.

Well that it for me hope everyone is having a great day!!Happy crafting!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some decorating!!

Last week my dd and two of my nieces spent a week down south with their Granddad.While she was gone I did some room changes since I lost a child to college!!Ha Ha!!Well I moved the two boys to his room and this left my dd with a room to herself.My boys was so happy to not be sharing a room with their little sister.Believe me she was glad to have her own room.Now it would be nice if she would sleep in it.She is still sleeping in the room with her brothers.The only thing she do in that room is play and tell her brother's to get out.I have hope that one day she will sleep by herself!

She is loving her room!It took me the whole week to decorate and paint that room,and I have the aching legs to prove it!

I have been doing a little sewing,I will post that later.I also have been working on my son's afghan, well somewhat working on it.I want to have it done by Christmas I guess I better get to working on it.

Well that's it for me hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need prayers

Wow I haven't post in a very long time.
Well I haven't felt much like sewing lately or posting.After my son's open house my sister told me that she had bone cancer.This really hurt me.She had just beat breast cancer.She had did the chemo and everything.Now she have to go through chemo again.I have prayed and cried and prayed and cried.Now I am leaving it in God's hands because I know everything is going to be alright!

I have been looking at some patterns in my stash to try and make something for my niece from Atlanta before she leaves.I think I want to make her a blue jean purse and some PJ's.

Well that it for me, you all have great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He is Gone!

Well my son is gone to college now! guess you can tell I am missing him.I will be picking him up to come home for the fourth of July weekend.My other kids are going out of town for the fourth weekend.Me and my hubby thought we were going to have the house to ourselves for that weekend buuutttttt my teenager will be coming home!!

This is my son unpacking in his dorm.

Well I had been so busy getting things together for his open house.After the open house we had to take him to college that following week.This week I was able to squeeze some sewing and crocheting in.


Pattern: See& Sew B5201

Fabric: Cotton from Walmart 1.00$ a yard table.Color rust with white dots.

Notions: 20-22 inch invisible zipper.

Conclusion: When I saw this pattern I thought this was a cute and different shoulder strap dress.And you all know how I love an easy sew!I love how the gathers on this dress turn out.Doing the gathers was so easy.All you have to do is gather up the parts of the bodice and sew it onto the lining.Hope can understand what I am talking about.

Here's a picture of what I am talking about.


I started about two weeks ago on making my son a Afghan.I want to get it done for him for Christmas.

Yarn: Bernat satin

Color: sable

Pattern: no pattern doing this on my own.

I am trying to work on this at least an hour a day.

Well that's it for me!I hope everyone have a happy fourth of July!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HE WON!!!!!!!

Yes Obama is the winner the people have voted!!!!!

I think this a FANTASTIC picture of a husband and wife together STRONG!!!!!

Then my son graduated from high school the same day Obama won!Wow June 3rd was a FANTASTIC DAY!!Now I must send him off to college this month also.

Well thats it for me.Hope all your dreams come true!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simplicity 3867 and 3536

I hope everyone had a great Holiday.I had a wonderful time with family and friends.We did a lot of eating and drinking and laughing.Well I am back to getting things ready for my Son's open house in a couple weeks.I also have finished the top I was making to wear at his open house.

The sun was in my eyes.

Pattern: Simplicity 3867 View CFabric: Cotton
Size: 8
Notions: 18" zipper,hook and eye
Conclusion: I had a lot of trouble getting the yoke over the bodice front shoulder to look even.I think I took it off about 4 or 5 times before I got it on right.Then I had a little trouble putting in a invisible zipper in this top.I took that off about 10 times trying to get it right.I read a lot of peoples review of this top on PR and no one had as many problems as I had.I finally got things going smoothly.After all them troubles I will be wearing this top a lot this summer!!Ha Ha

After seeing Ms. Erica B hook up the McCall's pattern 5586.I love how she didn't use rhinestones on her top she used some jewelry beads.I had to have it!But I couldn't get it because I am on a pattern diet for the summer.So I had to see what I had in my pattern stash that kind of looked like it.

Pattern: Simplicity 3536 View D
Fabric: Mystery knit from Walmart for a dollar a yard.
Size: 8
Notions: Jewels I bought from Walmart for 2.00$ a pack.

Thank you Ms. Erica B. for the inspiration!!

Well that's it for me.Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simplicity 3775

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!For Mother's day my family took me to dinner and after dinner they gave me some money and drop me off at JoAnn"s Fabric!!Now that's a great

Now on to sewing.I am trying hard not to buy anymore patterns for the entire summer.What I am doing is if I see a pattern I like ,I will go see if I have something like it in my stash.I just have to many patterns and a lot of them I have never even used.So I pulled this pattern out of my stash that I bought last summer and decided to make it this summer.This dress was a quick sew with great results.

Back view.

Here's a close up of the bodice.I made view E.

Pattern: Simplicity 3775 View EDescription: Misses knit dress in two length with bodice variations.
Fabric: Knit from Gorgeous Fabric.
Notions: Thread
Conclusion: This was fast and easy dress to make.It is one of those sewing project that looks like you spent a lot of time making.I just love this dress and will be making it again.Here is some picture of other sewers who also made this dress and loved it.

Well that's it for me!Happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow it has been a long time since I last blog!!Thanks to all of you who care and asked how I was doing!
Well I have been busy getting things together for my son's open house for next month.On top of that I have a had the flu for two weeks.I am just about over it now.Wow the closer I get to my son's open house the emotion start to come.I can't believe my eldest child is leaving to start his second half of his life.I am so not ready.He told me not to cry when to we drop him off at college.Guys I don't think I can do that!!All my friends say Girl get over it!!But all can do is think about all the time when he was a little boy.Well I guess as time goes on I will be okay!!HA HA

On to sewing!Here is some sewing I started before I got sick.

Pattern: Simplicity 2938
Misses/Women's dress or top,pants in two length,jacket and the tie belt.

Fabric: cotton

Notions: 12" zipper 1/2 wide single fold bias tape.

Conclusion: Very easy and quick make.Great summer top.I will be making a couple more of these tops.

Here's a closer look at the pleats.

Pattern:Mccall's 5591 I made view B.
Misses skirts and sash:Mid-length,pleated skirt have faced yoke and back zipper closure: Skirt A has slash front pocket with band and contrasting lower band; skirt B and C have side seam pockets;skirt B has carriers and sash;skirt C has ribbon trim at lower edge.

Fabric: lightweight cotton

Notions: 7" zipper,hooks and eye and interfacing.

Conclusion: I love the pleats in this skirt and also the pockets.Easy to follow directions.I hand hem this skirt.


Yarn: Peaches and Creme 100% cotton.
Hook: B
Pattern: No pattern I made it up as I was making it.
After my dd saw the tank top Ms.Lesalicious made her dd,my dd wanted one also.

Well that it for me!Happy crafting!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wow this have been a busy couple of weeks.

Went on a field with my dd class to a children museum.This was really nice the kids got to play with everything in the museum.

My son had a news conference to announce what college he would be attending.

My kids had a week off for spring break.Took them to Frankenmuth Michigan for the day.We went on a carriage ride.They really enjoyed that.

Through all that I still found time for crocheting and sewing.

Pattern: No pattern did this on my own.
Yarn: Cotton Classic Tahki Stacy Charles
Color: Lavender
Size hook: B 1
Started : March 27 08
Finished April 5,08

Pattern: Simplicity 3532 view B.
Fabric: Can't remember.I had this fabric for about a year.I do remember it was machine washable.
Notions: Thread
Size: 8
This was another one of Simplicity easy-to sew.You know I love those easy to sew patterns.I had no troubles making this dress.

I will be wearing these shoes with my dress!!Don't they match the dress perfectly!!

Well that's it for me,Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I hope everyone had great Easter,I did.The kids got all dress up and we went to church.My kids wasn't in this years Easter program,because I have been so busy at home didn't have time to take them to practice.

You probable saying busy doing what.Well my dh decided he wanted to gut out our bathroom in our bedroom and redo it!!ME HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!
That means all new things for my bathroom.And I tell you my bathroom was pretty sad looking.So I have dust and dirt flying around my house because of all the work he is doing.

Well I am not able to sew anything until the bathroom is done.So I have been practicing on my knitting.Yes I have my first knitting project done.

Pattern: First Knits
Yarn: caron simply soft(yarn pattern calls for rowan wool cotton)
Needles: US 6/tapestry needle
Conclusion: This is a great hat to make if you are a first time knitter.I learn how to thumb cast-on,decrease and bind off.The hat came out a little bigger than it looked.I think that is because I didn't use the yarn the pattern called for and the yarn I used was to soft.I did have some trouble sometime trying to keep my stitches from sliding off my needle.So I had to take it slow so that would happen.I still love my hat,but I will be giving it to my teenager to wear,because it is a little to big for me.I really enjoyed knitting ,the next thing I want to learn is cables now I think that is going to be a lot harder.

Well that it for me!Happy crafting!!