Saturday, October 27, 2007

In a sewing mood!!!

Finally I am getting my sewing mojo back!!I have been working on this jacket off and on for two weeks.

My first time putting a lining in.

McCall"s 5480
Fabric: velveteen (color navy blue)
notions: two 1 1/2" buttons,interfacing
changes: I added an inch to the sleeves and the length.I wished I had added more on the sleeves.But it is done now, maybe next time.

I had no problems with making this jacket.This was a great pattern!I will be making this jacket again maybe in denim.

My teenager and I spent some mother and son time together today!!We went to an Eastern Michigan University football game.Boy it was cold out today for a football game.Some of them college student had on T-shirts and thats all no coat at all!!And those true football fans painted their chest green for the school colors!And they did not put a coat on or a shirt through the whole game!!All I could do was hope they didn't get sick later!!I am enjoying these times me spend together because you can't get these times back!!

Well that it for me!You all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yes you are seeing right I am trying to learn to knit!!I bought this kit at JoAnn Fabric.The kit included sizes six and eight needles,knit tally,cable stitch needle,stitch holder, cabone rings,point protectors,knit gauge and how to knit book all for the fabulous price of 4.99$So one day I will be able to make one of those fabulous knitting patterns!!!!!!!!!It didn't take me long to learn how to do the few stitches I did in the picture.It was hard learning how to hold two needles when you are use to holding one!That is the main thing I need to learn is how to hold those needles in my hand the right way.So that means more practice!!

Well I am starting to get back in a sewing mood.I have started back looking in my fabric stash again to get some ideas on what to make.People out in blog land have been making some beautiful things.This is making me want to pull the sewing machine out again.Maybe this weekend.Anywho I did start a new crochet project.My dd want me to call it Ms Shorty!Why I don't know so Ms Shorty it is!!The color I am using is bone.The yarn I am using is Caron simply soft.

Ms. Shorty!!

I hope every one's week is going great!!
Well that's it for me have a great day!!Happy knitting!!HA HA

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ms.Sunset is done!!

Finally Ms Sunset is done.My dd wouldn't model it for me today.Maybe another day.So I had to get another model!Ha Ha

Yarn:(Moda Dea) I didn't use that yarn I used Bernat satin yarn.
Crochet hook:G/6
Changes:Didn't make the bow.I think I might put buttons on it.

This was my first cardi.The only troubles I had was the sleeves.I am a beginner crocheter and it was hard for me to figure out what the pattern was asking me to do to the sleeves.I did what I thought was right.I really enjoyed making this.I will make this again with the yarn the pattern calls for.

Well I think one reason my dd didn't want to model for me is because she had just got back from the pumpkin patch with her school.These kids were serious about picking out the best pumpkin.

Saturday my son and I spent some mother and son time together.We went to Central Michigan College game.That was a two hour drive.Yes I did a little crocheting going.Coming back I had to drive while he slept.I really enjoyed that time together.After the game we had to head to his school to help out with a lock-in that the football players were giving.We had 7Th -12Th graders from 7:00am until 7:00pm.I was really really sleepy after that one!


I wish everyone a great day!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My baby girl turned four years old last week!!I decided I would make her a cake.The thing is my cake never look good but they taste good!!I told myself I can do it this time.Well if you look at the pictures below I didn't do it!!My family is so sweet they said it look good!!While trying to hold their laugh in!!Well I guess what counts is how it taste.They ate it all up!!

My sad looking cake!!But my family ate it all up!!

Yes Yes another win for my son's football team!!Oh yes my baby made a touchdown!!!You couldn't keep me in my seat for that one!!Well I sat down to take this picture!Ha HA!!

Well my baby is becoming a man!!This past weekend I have been getting him ready for his Homecoming this past Saturday.Bought him a suit and the sleeves were to short.I didn't take him with me,bad mistake.So we had to find him a suit a day before the homecoming!That was a lot of running around.Good thing he is not a picky person.He didn't care how the suit looked just as long as it was black.Yes I cried while taking pictures of him for homecoming!!Man this is his last year of high school!Time goes by fast!Notice I still call him a baby!!He hates it!!

Through all this I was able to get some work done on Ms.Sunset!Now I am working on the sleeves.

Well that's it for me have a great day!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Great Weekend!!

Wow what a great weekend!!My hubby and I and friends went to a reunion in Illinois.We shopped , ate and had a little to drink and enjoyed ourselves.We all had a nice break from our kids!!

As you can see Ms. Sunset jumped in my bed first!

Loved my bed in the hotel!!

My girlfriend and her hubby at the meet and greet Friday night.

Me and my girlfriends

The dinner was at Belvedere Banquet hall.This place is beautiful!!

My hubby and I at the dinner Saturday night!

Before I left for my weekend away I had to do a little sewing for my son.Last week my son Miles teacher wanted them purchase book covers for their books.She told them if they didn't have them by Friday they would get lunch detention!I went to three different stores looking for book covers no luck!So I went to walmart got some fabric and decide I will try and make him one.Went on-line to google put in how to make book covers.And came up with this book cover.I love it!I will have to make more.

Good news my son Lawrence team won their football game Friday night.The score was 42 to7 YES YES!!I wished I could have been there to cheer them on!!

Well that's it for me today have a great day!!