Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need prayers

Wow I haven't post in a very long time.
Well I haven't felt much like sewing lately or posting.After my son's open house my sister told me that she had bone cancer.This really hurt me.She had just beat breast cancer.She had did the chemo and everything.Now she have to go through chemo again.I have prayed and cried and prayed and cried.Now I am leaving it in God's hands because I know everything is going to be alright!

I have been looking at some patterns in my stash to try and make something for my niece from Atlanta before she leaves.I think I want to make her a blue jean purse and some PJ's.

Well that it for me, you all have great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He is Gone!

Well my son is gone to college now! guess you can tell I am missing him.I will be picking him up to come home for the fourth of July weekend.My other kids are going out of town for the fourth weekend.Me and my hubby thought we were going to have the house to ourselves for that weekend buuutttttt my teenager will be coming home!!

This is my son unpacking in his dorm.

Well I had been so busy getting things together for his open house.After the open house we had to take him to college that following week.This week I was able to squeeze some sewing and crocheting in.


Pattern: See& Sew B5201

Fabric: Cotton from Walmart 1.00$ a yard table.Color rust with white dots.

Notions: 20-22 inch invisible zipper.

Conclusion: When I saw this pattern I thought this was a cute and different shoulder strap dress.And you all know how I love an easy sew!I love how the gathers on this dress turn out.Doing the gathers was so easy.All you have to do is gather up the parts of the bodice and sew it onto the lining.Hope can understand what I am talking about.

Here's a picture of what I am talking about.


I started about two weeks ago on making my son a Afghan.I want to get it done for him for Christmas.

Yarn: Bernat satin

Color: sable

Pattern: no pattern doing this on my own.

I am trying to work on this at least an hour a day.

Well that's it for me!I hope everyone have a happy fourth of July!