Monday, August 11, 2008

Some decorating!!

Last week my dd and two of my nieces spent a week down south with their Granddad.While she was gone I did some room changes since I lost a child to college!!Ha Ha!!Well I moved the two boys to his room and this left my dd with a room to herself.My boys was so happy to not be sharing a room with their little sister.Believe me she was glad to have her own room.Now it would be nice if she would sleep in it.She is still sleeping in the room with her brothers.The only thing she do in that room is play and tell her brother's to get out.I have hope that one day she will sleep by herself!

She is loving her room!It took me the whole week to decorate and paint that room,and I have the aching legs to prove it!

I have been doing a little sewing,I will post that later.I also have been working on my son's afghan, well somewhat working on it.I want to have it done by Christmas I guess I better get to working on it.

Well that's it for me hope you have a great day!


urbanknitrix said...

WOW!!! You did all that by yourself!!! Your a superwoman. I love the walls. My youngest told me he wished we ALL lived in the living room together, not in our own rooms. Not gonna happen.

Adrienne said...

awww my daughter LOVES all the pink!!! LOL

Sheila said...

You did a great job on dd's room and I know 1st hand the feeling after She will eventually sleep in it. It will take some getting used to sleeping in a room alone.

Pajnstl said...

you did a great job!

Lesalicious said...

I am loving your DD's room she is looking on so happy. You did a great job put a big smile on your daughter's face.:)

Pirouette said...

The decorating looks really fun. I remember when my mom redecorated my bedroom, and I loved it too.

Ellena said...

I love what you have done!!!!

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Let me know what you think