Monday, April 30, 2007

Got tagged

I was tagged over the weekend.I must tell 7 unknown things about myself.Then tagged 7 other people.BEWARE YOUR NEXT!!!!!!

1.Not good at thinking of things for tag.OMG onlly six more to go.

2.I am not good on computers.I do not known how to do links to my post.Someone out there please help me???????

3.Shh!! Don't tell I do not like sharing the bathroom with my Dh and three sons!!If I played the lotto and win I would get my own bathroom all to my self.Wow sound good to me.

4.Love to make things for others.When I learn a new craft.I am thinking what I can make for someone.

5.I love to cook.But my favorite food is any resturant my
dh take me to.

6.I only like shopping in the summer.Weird HUh!!

7.Yes this is the last one.Hmm let me see.What can I say now.Oh yes we moved into this fixer upper in july of last year.So we are in the middle of doing one of our projects.Yes I am done.

Here the ladies I am tagging.
Sew1 sista#1
Sheilaz Crochetz
What I wore today
Brown English Muffin
Life Happen Be Positive
A Meyerific life

I told you I can't do links.Help me!!!Now I must go and let this beautiful ladies known they have been tagged.Thank you ladies.


Anonymous said...

Tags can always be fun! They make you think about yourself and force you to share details that you would normally not think about! I also love to make things for others! :)

Adriann said...

If you wanted a certain word to be your link, such as "Adriann" then you would first highlight it and then click on the icon that is a circle with a chain link across it. This icon is usually wherever you are typing your, and in blogger. When you click the icon, a little window comes up that lets you paste the address in it. Hit ok and it's complete. Let me know if that makes sense.

This is courtesy of Telah. I hope it helps.


Dawn Bibbs said...

See there, now that wasn't too hard, now was it? Good thing we didnt have to do 10, huh? I probably would've stopped at the 7 I

Great answers.

*Tanyetta* said...

i want to learn to sew