Friday, April 13, 2007


Had good day yesterday was able to make a easy skirt.The fabric I used was a faux suede. I will be making this again. The only hard part of this pattern was getting the hemming right to me.

Today was a nice sunny day had to go outside in backyard and get a picture of this day. The sun was shinning but it was still cold outside.

Didn't get to post until late tonight. The kids are home and they keep you busy.

Hope everyone have a great weekend and enjoy it!!The pattern number is butterick 4859.


Adrienne said...

Good job. I had trouble with hemming for a while too...not sure why, lol, but it was NEVER even lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is such a GREAT skirt!

Sheila said...

Fantastic skirt and dress... Love the print of the dress. I have purchased a few dress patterns and keep looking at them anxious but nervous about starting... b/c it will be a first time for me. But you did a great job.

Erica Bunker said...

What a great looking skirt! I still have to pin, measure, press to get a great hem.