Friday, May 4, 2007

Great Day

These are a few photos of what I did yesterday.The weather was nice.Had to find something to do outside.This weekend my family and I will be going to Ohio to see my oldest son run track.Yes it track season again.That's about a four hour drive I could get alot of crocheting done.That is if my DH don't make me do some of the driving.

Have a great and blessed weekend and enjoy yourself!!!!!!!
Went to the store just to get hot dogs and buns.Came back with all this.And I forgot the hot dog buns.Had to go to the store down the street to get some.Have this ever happen to you??
The best marinade ever.You must try it.

MMMM don't that all look good!!!!
Had to get this they were on sale.
My sweet pea enjoying the strawberries.Yes her hair is not done yet.Ha Ha!!


Adrienne said...

Have a good time! Hope your hubby does all the driving! LOL

Shai said...

That BBQ looked good, I may put some meat on the grill this weekend. Have a safe trip.

Virtuous said...

Hope the track meet went well!

I HATE going into stores too and coming out way more than what you intended! I just did that this week. Went to Target for some $10 lotion and left with $80 worth of stuff! But at least I remembered the lotion! :op

Mmmh going to have to try that marinade

Shai said...

I put some meat and fish on the grill. I tried the marinade you posted. It is the bomb. Thanx.