Friday, August 3, 2007

My niece!!

Well my niece was with us for a week.This girl is going to be a comedian one day.She is so funny.My dh family are known to be funny and do things to get a laugh out of you.Well they past this down to their niece who don't even live in the same state as they do,but she picked the trait up some how!!Well while she was here she wanted me to make her something.She is 13 years old this a hard age to figure out what they will like.They feel they are not a little girl anymore.So I made her the top in the photo below.Do you think it look like a top for a little girl?This girl wears the same size as her mother a size 5.When I was 13 I was not that big.These kids these days are much bigger than I was.Well I hope she likes it.
This pattern is New look 6464.So simple no notion needed.I just love super simple patterns.
My niece taking a good picture my kids acting silly!!

I have also been looking for crocheted pattern hat for men.My son want a funny looking hat to wear during football season with his schools colors.I am going see if I can find something online to make him.I couldn't find anything in the stores!!

Oh yes tried a new recipe Thursday Seasoned Chicken leg Quarters the kids even loved it.I was getting bored with the some old recipes.After seeing all those tasty looking recipes on Adrienne's blog it made me want to try something new!!

Well guys that's it for me!!

I hope everybody have a great weekend!!


narcissaqtpie said...

this post made me smile so big! My aunt is a seamstress and I used to love for her to make me things. She inspired me to sew. That top for your niece is so precious. perfect for a 13 year old. Thanks for starting my weekend off with warm feelings and memories.

Virtuous said...

That top is cute! I love the ribbon tie.

I can't wait to see you crochet soon!

Yep Adrienne's blog does make you hungry sometimes, but it never motivates me to cook quite yet! LOL I am terrible!

Sheila said...

The top is perfect for her - she can sport it with shorts/jeans/ skirt - very versatile garment - she will love it. As for men's hat check out Afya Ibomu - Get Your Crochet On - Hip Hats & Cool Caps. Also stop by

Adrienne said...

Very cute!!!!!!! I might have to try that chicken!!!! I love trying new foods!!!

PAJNSTL said...

That is a really cute top!

Cheryl Wray said...

The recipe sounds SO good!! And your sewing is great!!

Meggy said...

Such a cute top. Nice to find your blog.

Veronica said...

The top is really cute. She'll love it.