Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well I have been busy doing vacation bible at my church this week.All the planning and getting things together it turned out really nice.The kids learned and enjoyed themselves!!!I had the ages 3-6 year old this year.I only had 6 kids, they were greatest kids.Now its time to plan for next year!!!

My dd playing.

They feed them good!!

I had extra guest in the house again this week!!They all are leaving Saturday!!I was thinking about relaxing and maybe a little sewing or crocheting.NO I WILL NOT BE DOING THAT BECAUSE MY DH JUST NOW TELLING ME WE WILL HAVE GUEST FOR THE WEEKEND!!Right now I am screaming but you can't here me!!!!!!My guest have three kids of their own.Now put that together with my four kids what do you get kids running and playing everywhere!!I am sure I will get some fun out of this some how!!Ha HA!!
My sons friends!!

This is my teenage cousin!!

I was talking to my sister about how I wanted to do a scrapbook for my son for his graduation.She said send her some pictures and she will do a digital scrapbook for him!!She really gets into digital scrap booking.She did the picture below of my son.I just love it!!!
I really like how she did this!!

I did get a little crocheting done in this last two weeks.I made some hats for some girls for their birthday.I also found a crochet pattern to make Lawrence a hat for the football season.It will be a crocheted stocking hat with his school colors.
I made these two hat for two little girls age 3 and 6.

Well that's it for me.Have a great day!!

SmileyCentral.comThis is what I will be doing when my guest leave!!


Virtuous said...

Not sure if my other comment posted, if so delete this one!:oD

Y'all are having a great summer! School starts soon!

Love your hats! I have yet to make one! Your actually looked knitted up!

Your layout is really nice!

Shai said...

I remember going to VBS. Me and my friends went for years. Sadly not many kids go now. At my church it only lasts a week back in the day we week for 2 weeks and had a ceremony with singing by each group. Ahh, I miss some of those good days.

Adrienne said...

She did a great job on the LO!!! And 7 kids...GOOD LUCK! LOL

Sheila said...

Glad to hear your VBS was fun. Go head on girl enjoy your guests... the crafting stuff can wait.

I remember last year I had guests over for the weekend and later in the day I told them to go ahead and enjoy themselves while I took a nap... but I was in my bedroom crocheting up a

Susie Q said...

You have been SO busy!

I taught VBS last week too! It was such fun...: ) The kids are so sweet.

Have a sweet Sunday!


tAnYeTTa said...

we're doing vacation bible school this week too!
they gave out goldfish and water cups to the kids for a snack. sure wish we were grubbin with your group! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

ooooooh I love these hats even more than the ones above...I think I like how the stitches look. (Sorry if that's not the right word for crocheting! LOL)