Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well my guests are gone.We had a great time together.EAT DRINK AND BE HAPPY is what we did!!I had nine kids staying here and no problems!!The night before they came my DH and DS put my new patio furniture out on the deck for me.When I got home and saw them putting it up YOU KNOW I WAS VERY HAPPY!!My family and friends we all enjoy sitting out on the deck!!

My deck is complete Now!!

Me, relatives and kids.

My DH preparing dinner!!

When my guest left I started on the hat I wanted to make my teenager for football season!!He is liking how it is turning out with his school colors.
Stocking hat!!

My niece loved her top I made her!!I was so glad , it is hard picking something out for a 13 year old.The pattern I made her was Newlook 6464.It is an adult pattern ,but I used some little girl fabric to make it for her.It was a winner with her!!
She likes it She likes it!!!

That's it for me have a nice day!!


Adrienne said...

Glad everyone had a good time!!! Your DD top is too cute!!! Love your DH apron! My hubby cooks with one too! LOL

Trina said...

Your deck and gazebo looks really cozy! I know you and your family will enjoy it... I really want to get one soon.

tAnYeTTa said...

i would love to sit out on the deck with you and just chill!!!!!!! :)

looks like everyone had a great time!

Sugar Bear said...

I love the way the deck turned out! It looks like everyone had a blast enjoying it! The top you made your niece is awesome! I love the ribbon accent. I love the hat you are making your son as well. I just enrolled in a beginners crochet and knitting class. My mother-in-law taught me very basic knitting and I'm looking forward to expanding my skills past scarfs!

Sheila said...

The deck and patio looks gorgeous. Your son's hat came out really nice... and the top for your niece is perfect for her... glad she likes it.

Lesalicious said...

Oh wow the deck looks great. Have a little family night and get together on the new deck great work. Wish I didn't have to share a backyard with 20 other people. Glad your niece is happy with her new top it came out pretty just like her and her big smile. :)

Greta said...

LOVE that deck!! and you have a beautiful family...thanks for visiting my blog and commenting...

adding you to my bloglines

Adriann said...

Very pretty top! How did the summer job go for your son? I'm sure he had a ball working as a lifeguard.

I will wait until ds is older before doing the football thing. When they are older they can go to bed later. What position does ds play? Can't wait to see pics during the season!

Enjoy your week!!

Lynn said...

Hey! Someone who sews too! I don't know too many people who sew anymore!

I can't wait to have a daughter to share sewing and crafting with!

Did you notice the quilt I made Grace? It has the same princess fabric as the skirt outfit you made your daughter!

I also made a quilt with the fabric you used on the top for your niece! You have great taste!!!

How did you find me?

Lesalicious said...

Hi Gold I wanted to give you this link incase you like to list your blog on Crafty Crafters top 100.


Hope to see your blog. Iam the admin so I surely will approve since I love your blog. :)

Shai said...

I love your deck, the furniture and the screening. It looks relaxing.

Glad the top went over well with your niece. It is cute in a girly way but not kiddy or too grown.

Jackie said...

I love the deck, it looks nice and cozy for an evening of relaxation. Your niece looks so cute in that top! Have a great weekend!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Glad you and your family & friends had a good time. WOW, how do you get your DH to do things for you...when you're not home, no less!!! :-) Impressive.

The patio furniture is really nice.

Have a great week.

Susie Q said...

Your deck is so nice! I love the gazebo too...bet it was a sweet time.

Your niece looks so cute in the top. That ribbon trim sets it off just perfectly!

Oh how I wish I could knit! Grace wants to learn now and I know she will do it! She has the gift for needle work as you do. It is a wonderful gift!