Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well Friday we had a thunderstorm going on here.I was sitting at my computer posting.That takes me about 30 mins or more.My son came in the room and says.Mother you shouldn't be on the computer while its a thunderstorm.I said okay all have to do is push publish and I am done.Then a big loud boom sound came.All the lights and computer went out.To make a long story short we had no electricity that day until the next afternoon!!!So that after noon tried to get online to start all over posting.Then the Internet and cable tv went out because of the storm.That was down until that evening.So I am just now able to get on the computer to post!!!Well at least today is a nice sunny day!!

Also Thursday had to sign my dd up for pre-school.What ever happen to pre-school being a half a day.After filling out all the papers.The teacher said she will be going to school from 8:30am to 3:00 pm.I said what, its not a half a day!!!No its a full day.Why did I feel like taking those papers back and saying I changed my mind!!:(I am not ready for my baby to go to school for a full day!!!!My dh said I am not ready, so he said he will take her on her first day of school.He feels I will scare her if I start to crying!!!:(

Well last Thursday night was a winner for my son's football team.The score was 48 to 16.These kids played a good game.My son sack the quarterback twice.Want to see it got a picture of it!!!!He is number 38.Yes I am a proud parent!!I lost my voice after that game!!!!!

Finished crocheting my dh hat for the football games.All I have to add is the tassel.Haven't been doing much sewing lately.I have been trying to get our hats done for the football season.I will be getting back to sew to make some clothes for my dd for school.

Well that's it for me today.I hope everyone have a great day!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well things are starting to get back to normal around here.Company is all gone!Now it is time to get ready for high school football.My son is so excited about his senior year football season!!I love going to his games.My son Justin is in the fifth grade and he is now wanting to play football.So that means after my Lawrence graduate I will still have a football player at home.:)Well I finished crocheting Lawrence a hat to wear after his games.He loves it!!I am so glad about that.So I decided to make the whole family hats to wear to all his games also.I am making them all in his school colors except for my dd she wanted a pink hat!!Well I have some of them done in the photos below!!I have three done now I have three more to go!!

I have not been doing much sewing lately.I am hoping that I will be able to cut out pattern butterick 4996 view c today or tomorrow!!In this fabric.In the mail Saturday I received Simplicity 4428 from Mrs.Toya!!Thank you very much!!!!You need to check her blog out it is always informative and beautiful photos always!!!

SmileyCentral.comWe have been having rain for the last couple of days.I hope it will clear up soon so we can enjoy our short summers here!!

Hope everyone have a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well my guests are gone.We had a great time together.EAT DRINK AND BE HAPPY is what we did!!I had nine kids staying here and no problems!!The night before they came my DH and DS put my new patio furniture out on the deck for me.When I got home and saw them putting it up YOU KNOW I WAS VERY HAPPY!!My family and friends we all enjoy sitting out on the deck!!

My deck is complete Now!!

Me, relatives and kids.

My DH preparing dinner!!

When my guest left I started on the hat I wanted to make my teenager for football season!!He is liking how it is turning out with his school colors.
Stocking hat!!

My niece loved her top I made her!!I was so glad , it is hard picking something out for a 13 year old.The pattern I made her was Newlook 6464.It is an adult pattern ,but I used some little girl fabric to make it for her.It was a winner with her!!
She likes it She likes it!!!

That's it for me have a nice day!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well I have been busy doing vacation bible at my church this week.All the planning and getting things together it turned out really nice.The kids learned and enjoyed themselves!!!I had the ages 3-6 year old this year.I only had 6 kids, they were greatest kids.Now its time to plan for next year!!!

My dd playing.

They feed them good!!

I had extra guest in the house again this week!!They all are leaving Saturday!!I was thinking about relaxing and maybe a little sewing or crocheting.NO I WILL NOT BE DOING THAT BECAUSE MY DH JUST NOW TELLING ME WE WILL HAVE GUEST FOR THE WEEKEND!!Right now I am screaming but you can't here me!!!!!!My guest have three kids of their own.Now put that together with my four kids what do you get kids running and playing everywhere!!I am sure I will get some fun out of this some how!!Ha HA!!
My sons friends!!

This is my teenage cousin!!

I was talking to my sister about how I wanted to do a scrapbook for my son for his graduation.She said send her some pictures and she will do a digital scrapbook for him!!She really gets into digital scrap booking.She did the picture below of my son.I just love it!!!
I really like how she did this!!

I did get a little crocheting done in this last two weeks.I made some hats for some girls for their birthday.I also found a crochet pattern to make Lawrence a hat for the football season.It will be a crocheted stocking hat with his school colors.
I made these two hat for two little girls age 3 and 6.

Well that's it for me.Have a great day!!

SmileyCentral.comThis is what I will be doing when my guest leave!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

My niece!!

Well my niece was with us for a week.This girl is going to be a comedian one day.She is so funny.My dh family are known to be funny and do things to get a laugh out of you.Well they past this down to their niece who don't even live in the same state as they do,but she picked the trait up some how!!Well while she was here she wanted me to make her something.She is 13 years old this a hard age to figure out what they will like.They feel they are not a little girl anymore.So I made her the top in the photo below.Do you think it look like a top for a little girl?This girl wears the same size as her mother a size 5.When I was 13 I was not that big.These kids these days are much bigger than I was.Well I hope she likes it.
This pattern is New look 6464.So simple no notion needed.I just love super simple patterns.
My niece taking a good picture my kids acting silly!!

I have also been looking for crocheted pattern hat for men.My son want a funny looking hat to wear during football season with his schools colors.I am going see if I can find something online to make him.I couldn't find anything in the stores!!

Oh yes tried a new recipe Thursday Seasoned Chicken leg Quarters the kids even loved it.I was getting bored with the some old recipes.After seeing all those tasty looking recipes on Adrienne's blog it made me want to try something new!!

Well guys that's it for me!!

I hope everybody have a great weekend!!