Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wow it seems like a while since I last posted.While state final for track season for my son Lawrence is over.His school didn't win state,but they did worked hard at it.My son have decided he want to run summer track this year.Now I must get my mine ready to sit in all that heat for summer track.Anyone who have kids in track knows how long a track meet can last.While I didn't get but one picture of him at state finals.He hates taking picture.So these are the ones I did get.Two of them are him and my dd.

That is him in the sleeveless white t-shirt turning his back on me.

Finally I have Simplicity 3877 done.I had some problems in the skirt part of the dress.I had to add some godets to the skirt and I just couldn't get it right.Looking at my picture of my dress to it doesn't look like the pattern.I am going to try and make this dress again and try and get it right.I will still wear the dress, but like I said mine didn't turn out like the pattern.I looked at some reviews on PR who made this same dress and they didn't have trouble with the skirt part.I love this pattern so that's why I am going to give it another try.If anyone could tell me what I could have done wrong please share????

Have a great day!!


Virtuous said...

Girl I love the color of your dress!! Of course it looks perfectly fine to me! LOL :op

Ur your son a minor? LOL

Get the SPF 30 out! It is going to be a HOT one!

Deneen said...

Dress is beautiful-love the color too!

Your son is sooooo tall!

gold said...

He is 6'4!

Pirouette1196 said...

Hey, Gold. The skirt looks fine to me, but it looks like you could size down for your next dress. I like the satiny fabric. It makes your outfit very dressy/classy.

dawn said...

That handsome man is your son? You don't look old enough!

The dress is very nice, it fits you well and is a great color and style for you. You added those godets? It looks like they're meant to be there and you did a great job with the points. Satin is so, so difficult to work with, and your vertical seams look good. (they tend to pucker in this type of fabric.)

Maybe what's bothering you is that the bodice is too big. It looks like, from the pattern pic, that it's meant to be quite form-fitting. You are smaller than you think!

gold said...

Thanks Pirouette and
Dawn you are right.I am not good at altering for fear things will turn out side ways.I think I will try and alter the bodice.

Adrienne said...

Looks good but I do agree that it looks too big.

artist1lisa said...

Your dress is beautiful.I'm sure you'll be pleased after you alter the bodice.

Susie Q said...

Gorgeous color! That is a rich purple isn't it? I am just so impressed by anyone who can sew like that!
I loved seeing all recent sewing projects! You have such talent.

Your son is SO handsome!! And tall!!
You just do not look old enough to have a son that tall! *grin*

Bill is a track and field junkie so we will love reading how he is doing through your blog!


Liana said...

I think all the diagnoses you've received are correct; it's a bit big in the bodice. Also, your fabric may not be quite as drapey as that in the pattern illustrations, which changes the look. Great color on you, though, and a good style for you. Godets are really tough and you did a great job!