Monday, June 25, 2007

Well since the kids have been out of school it had been hard getting on the computer.There's always someone on it.I was getting use to getting up in the morning when the kids was off to school and hubby was sleep.See it takes me an half an hour or more for me to post.Yes I am still learning this blogging thing.

Well anyway we had a great weekend with the kids.I took my two younger boys to see Fantastic Four movie.The boys loved it.It was okay to me.I wished I hadn't taken my dd because some parts scared her.We also tooked the kids to the park to get wet.My dd loves anything that gets her wet.

Now to crocheting news.Well I have been working on this tank top for several months now.Well I had put it down a few times because I got frustrated with it.So anyway I picked it back up this week and started on the back part.When you are making something you are to pay attention to WHAT SIZE YOU STARTED WITH!!!As you can see in my picture the front is smaller than the back!!!OMG I have to start over with the back part.See I am a very very slow crocheter.Man O Man!!!
In sewing news I had started last week on making a baby blanket for my cousin.I used flannel material to make it with.I always make these blankets for baby gifts.I just cut out 6" by6" squares and sew them together with a3/8 seam.Then I cut out some batting the same size as the blanket.I put the right sides together and sew with 3/8 seam.I leave an opening to turn the blanket on the right side.I hand sew the opening close.Then you are all done. >

Well I quess thats is it for me.Have a great day and enjoy yourself.


Deneen said...

That water park looks like fun! We don't have anything like that here.

With the crocheted blanket, this is precisely why I don't have WIP's all over-I can't remember (although I tell myself I will remember, like when I put something somewhere that "I know I will remember" and don't remember a week later and spend two weeks tearing the house apart for it).

The baby blanket is cute, cute, cute-I envy your sewing skills.

Virtuous said...

AAh you are having so much fun this summer!

And girl if I can blog within 30 minutes that would be fantastic!! It takes me about 45-60 minutes! That is with photos already uploading and thought of what I am going to say! UGH! Blogging is time consuming but I still enjoy it! :o)

Oh no! @ tank. Well I am glad you decided to frog back and keep at it! You will enjoy it by the end of summer. Keep that in as your focus! :o)

Love the baby blanket! Those are perfect gifts!
I need to figure out how to successful back my Lizard afghan when I am all done with it.

Adrienne said...

Eek!!! but thats a cute blanket!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Love the water park pics. Looks like so much fun!!!
And your blanket is gonna be so pretty!!

Sheila said...

The back doesn't appear too may just work once its seamed up. The baby blanket is too cute. I need to add that to my sewing to do list.

Sheila said...

The back doesn't appear too may just work once its seamed up. The baby blanket is too cute. I need to add that to my sewing to do list.