Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cold New Year's Day!!!!!!

Got up New Year's day to this.Yes I stayed in the house that whole day.VERY VERY COLD!!!!!!Today I have to go out in it!!!!!:( I can't wait for the spring!!

Started a another crocheting project on New Year eve.I still have Ms Shorty who I haven't finished, but I will one day.I saw this pattern and thought it was so cute.

Yarn:Nature Spun 100% wool
Color: Silver sage
Well that it for me!Happy crafting!!Bundle up because its cold outside!!!


PAJNSTL said...

The snow is sooo pretty! I would have been out there running around like a kid! LOL

Sheila said...

Just looking at that pic made me shiver. I like snow but not that much

Aly Cat 121 said...

oh my! and were thought the little tiny bit of sifted sprinkle snow in WA was alot. That snow looks cold, I guess it won't be any snow man making in that sh*t. LOL

Virtuous said...

Yes I think the cold front hit us all!

Stay warm!!

Can't wait to see Shorty grow! :o)

Shai said...

Yes, yes, yes! Michigan winter sucks. I cannot wait for the warmth.

The Mahogany Stylist said...

We got a lot of snow right after Christmas; then on New Year day the bitter cold came. Not usual for Chicago, but I hate the combination of the two. It's too much for me. lol