Tuesday, July 3, 2007

After reading Stacey's and Adrienne 's post on don't you hate when....I had to copy off of them.

  • Don't you hate when you have JoAnn fabric 50% off coupon and everything in the store is on sale and don't get to use you 50% coupon!

  • Don't you hate when you are washing dishes and you cut your hand on a glass.

  • Don't you hate it when make your plate for dinner and you already asked your kids did they want any and they say no.But after seeing your plate they changed their minds now you have to fix their plate!!!

  • Adrienne I have one better than yours.Don't you hate when your dh tells you to order the food after I asked him three times what do you want.He say what ever you order is fine with me.He gets to the table and ask me did you order such and such.I just look at him with loving eyes and say no I didn't.

  • Don't you hate when it a sale somewhere and you know you can't spend any money that day.So you have to pass that good good sale up.

  • Don't you hate when you want to wear an outfit.When you find it you remembered you have to take to the dry cleaners.Now you can't wear it.

  • Don't you hate when you start to post ,but you have to stop because somebody needs you to do something!(while thats okay)

  • Don't you hate when you go to video store and they don't have the movie you wanted to see!

Well thats it for me today.I wish everyone a happy 4th of July!!



Sheila said...

I went to AC Moore this weekend... all happy with my 40% coupon... only to find out the yarns I was purchasing is already on sale...geez!! HAPPY JULY 4TH

Virtuous said...

LOL @ loving eyes!

Yes I can't stand that! @ sale and not supposed to be spending $$

I hate having a coupon and can't find anything I want to buy!!! Haha!

Giggle @ typing post and someone needs something

You have a FAB 4th too!

Christine said...

I just want to know when can I come to your house for sewing lessons? LOL Have a great 4th!!

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!!! Girl yes! Totally feel ya on that one! ROFLOL!!!! Hope you are having a great holiday!

eve knits said...

lol! that list was too funny!

thanks for stopping by my blog!