Monday, June 22, 2009

McGold's Farm and some sewing!!

This is Suki and Shay!! It is just like taking care of a baby!!LOL

These are my hubby's dogs.

These are our chickens. This is our second year having chickens. We had fresh chicken for dinner no hormones or chemicals. Loved that!!
Now these are our pigs. That's my hubby feeding them. I think pigs are the dumpiest animal!! They stand in their food while they are eating it!LOL! Last year for family get together I always brought the ham.LOL ! I had pork's chops sausage you name it we had it in our freezer!LOL Well that is it here at McGold's Farm!!!!!!

Now to sewing!!

Pattern: Butterick 5178
Misses Dress: Empire dress with cut in armholes, elastic castings in bodice front and back, armhole and neck bindings,back button and loop closing with stitched hem. A above mid-knee length B: evening length.

Size: 6-12 I made a size 8.

Notions: one 3/8 button and 1/4" elastic 2 5/8 yards.

Fabric: some t-shirt like material I bought from Walmart for a 1.50$ a yard/

Conclusion: The direction was right on the money!! Everything went great no troubles! I want to make this dress again in a solid color so that I see more of the details of this dress. You can't see a lot of the dress detail design with this print material, but I still love this dress!! If you want to make this dress is very easy to make!

Well that's it for me!! Happy crafting!!


Adrienne said...

How neat that you have a farm!!!

I love that dress! I'm making that one in a coral color!! Gorgeous!

Virtuous said...

Oh my goodness!! I had NO idea y'all had all them outside pets!!

And you look super sexy in that dress gurl! Luvs it!!

Faye Lewis said...

Love it! I bought a similar pattern today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Who woulda thunk it. Lol you really have a farm!! That's kewl

Cute dress

Tanya said...

Love that dress, you never miss! When I get to Texas I'm going to have a farm lol.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Aaaawww! That is so nice, reminds me of growing up in the islands. Girl, how do you see those cute animals and then eat them. I couldn't do it, they are so adorable, chickens, pigs and all. If they didn't have supermarkets my kids wouldn't eat! LOL! I'm tryin' to turn them vegan like me, but it's not working! They are definitely meat and potatoes like daddy. LOL. Pretty creations!

Shai said...

I have a farm. Wow! I cannot see killing them. Aww.

Cute dress.

toy said...

beautiful pups and great dress, your farm looks cozy and fresh, it must be truly nice to live like that

Sheila said...

Wow! a farm... DH would love that, but we have a cat and 2 dogs already... who are a handful in

Loooooooove the dress.

Unknown said...

Gold's organic farm--I love it! I have this dress in cue too. Your's looks great! I'm glad that it's easy to make.

Lesalicious said...

Cool farm.

Loving your latest dress so cute. Great job it fits you well.

Kat said...

What a cute dress! And the farm animals, sometimes my friend gives me eggs. The only farm animal I really want, though, is a cow. I've always wanted one as I grew up surrounded by dairy farms.

web design Los Angeles said...

Aww..that made me miss the farm so much. I love your dress.