Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The truth

I had to laugh yesterday because one of my sons told me a story.He came in from school yesterday and said someone stepped on my glasses and they broke.So I said let me see them.He gave them to me to see,but as I started looking at them the lenses looked like someone had took something and chipped away at the lenses.So I started thinking someone in his class was trying to destroy his glasses.So now I am upset.So I had to take the glasses to get repaired.Told the lady what my son said happen to the glasses. She said wow looks like a dog chew on these glasses.OMG all could do was laugh.

What I think happen was they were doing their homework on the floor in their room Monday.He most of left his glasses on the floor and the dog chewed them up.Now I am always telling them don't leave important stuff on the floor and close your bedroom door because our dog will chew up everything.I have a black Lab they are known for chewing up stuff.Didn't find this out until after we got the dog.So I guess my son was scare to tell me the truth.I haven't said anything to him yet.I don't know why this is funny to me because I had to pay 61.00 to get them fixed with insurance on the glasses.


Sugar Bear said...

I have a dog that loves to chew as well! Cute story. You've got to laugh at these things or else you would go crazy!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Too funny! Our dog chews up everything too. Especially the kids' toys. You should hear the kids screaming at him...he's just like a younger brother...only with more hair, a tail and 70 pounds, lol

Leah said...

Poor guy... He didn't want the dog to get in